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Prayer Request: Miracle Prayer Prayer Request: Miracle Prayer

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Julia Hamilton-Brown

Miracle Prayer (Jun 17, 2012)

Prayer Request:
Oh what needless pain we bear all because we do not carry everything to God in prayer. Father, I lift up my marital and financial burdens to "you" now for they are too heavy for me to bear. I acknowledge that I can not handle these on my own, and I pray in the matchless name of Jesus that "you" would have mercy on me, and help me.  Please pray God's favor in my marriage, and in my finances. Pray that my spouse would make Jesus Lord of his life, thus ending the habitual alchololism, illegal gambling, infidelity, adultery, and blatant disrespect (verbal/emotional abuse) toward his wife. I am a full-time student currently unemployed, and my spouse refuse to support me academically or financially. I stand in need of a financial miracle - my car note is three months behind, and my family has been paying our household utility bills. My spouse pays the mortgage, and is adament that he will do no more than that! In his illegal gambling, he has won over $95,000 in the past one year - did not offer God one copper penny, and gave his wife less than $5,000. If God does not show up for me, I do not know what I will do. If I ever needed prayer before, I sure do need it now!

   Discussion: Miracle Prayer
payal (anon) · 6 years, 8 months ago
pls help me and intercede on my behalf.i need urgent prayers .pls i request you.i dont want to loose my bf just because of different caste .we both love each other alot from past 5 years ..pls help in convincing our parents .pls bless payal with harminder singh khatana only.pls reunite us .dnt allow his parents to do his engagement with some other girl forcefully ..plsshelp us .plss show 1 miracle ..pls i beg u..amen
Joy (anon) · 6 years, 5 months ago
Please pray for my friend Jeanne who is sick and said she's the devil and said I'm married and have family. She needs to hear God's voice. I love her like sister. She loves God but she is listening to the wrong one. She homeschool her two daughters Rachel and Hannah. Sarah goes to high school. She needs a friend and I'm only one she can put up with. Also I need to see her very soon since she moved away an hour from me. It has been 7 months now. Her oldest daughter Sarah keeps on lying to me on facebook that our phones are being weird will get you our number when fixed.  
Seth (anon) · 6 years, 3 months ago
I’m in the US Army, stationed in Korea, and I’m soon going to the next duty station. Please pray that God will lead and guide me in what duty station to request. Pray that God will make it possible for me to still make a request, and that He’ll lead me to the duty station that He’s chosen for me—a place with a strong Christian community, a place that can become a home for me, where I can build roots. A place where I can grow strong in the Lord, and a place that’s on the path towards the calling and destiny the Lord has for me. Pray that when I make the call to branch, that I’ll get through to the right person. Pray for wisdom in what to say to them, that they’ll put in the request, and it’ll prevail. Pray that everywhere I send these prayer requests, God will draw many powerful prayer warriors to pray with great faith, and guide them in how to pray. Thanks.
jijo (anon) · 6 years ago
hi i am jijo john from india and i amsuffering from one disease called hypokalemia since 4 years and taking medicines for it . i am really fed up of this and i want a complete healing and want to lead a life without the medicines. my marriage is fixed for neext year may 2014 but the girl whom i am going to marry she wants that both should lead a spiritual life .so please do pray for us to lead a spiritual and happy life . please pary for one job we both had applied for. pray for both of the family members to lead a eternal life with lord jesus christ.
Jason (anon) · 5 years, 8 months ago
Please pray for my girlfriend Angel and I. My girlfriend Angel and I haven't talked to each other in about 2 weeks. I am not to sure what is going on with us. We have known each other for about 5 years and have been going out for 5 months. Things were going good between us as far as I knew before Angel moved. After Angel moved I tried to hang out with her at times, but Angel kept telling me that she was busy and didn't have time to see or hang out with me. Angel does have 3 kids and recently hurt her arm and shoulder having her arm in a sling. Angel has told me that she does care about me, that I am a wonderful guy and that she wants to work things out between us. Lately it seems like she is either to busy or doesn't want to hang out with me. I have been for the past week trying to give her some space and only sent her an email apologizing for possibly being a little to pushy maybe and bothering her by trying to hang out with her and find out what's going on. I do like and care about her a lot and would like things to work out with her. I know that 2 of her kids have said that they don't have a problem with me and that it doesn't bother them when I am over their house visiting. Angel did contact me November 14. We haven’t had a chance to talk about thing, but she did tell me that she wasn’t trying to push me away and that she recently had a blood transfusion. I would like for us to be in an open, honest relationship and have it work out. I also know that her kids father doesn't care for me and has complained about me to Angel. I know her kids don't like to listen to well and her oldest daughter is a little bit of a problem child. Please pray for healing for Angel, her kids and I. Pray that our relationship can be mended and saved from falling apart. That we can get through the storms and trails in our life together. That we can be open and honest with each other. Pray that Angel will start showing more that she does care and want to be with me like she says she does. Pray that I can be patient and give Angel the space she needs. That Angel can get the help she need with her kids as well. That Angel and I can become one flesh together with Jesus at the center of our relationship together.
Seth (anon) · 5 years, 2 months ago
Please pray for me in a dating relationship I've recently started with a girl in Bible school (I'm in the Army right now). There are things I really enjoy about the relationship, but there are other things I'm unsure about, and I don't know whether to carry on, and maybe she becomes my girlfriend, or end it. I'm 29, and I've only had one short-lived relationship in the past, but it's very hard to ever feel confident that someone's right for me. Please pray for wisdom, guidance and direction for both of us, and pray that if I should continue, I'll continue with confidence, and we'll grow in love. Thanks.

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