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Theresa Miller

Prayer (Apr 12, 2013)

Prayer Request:
11 hours agoTheresa Amanda Miller

  • ┬áThis note is for the Pastor! Pastor I visited your church a year ago, I never knew about your church and when I visited I knew you was a true woman of God. I hated the reason I visited and I was sad, because I came there for a funeral of a childhood friend, the Jasper guy. At the end of the funeral our paths cross an you hugged me and hugged me. Well I took off work last year in September too take care of my dad who had Cancer since age 52 and he died February 22 an was buried March 3. I am having a hard hard time with his death, I am trying to get depressed. Pastor I know I took good care of him, I know before he thought about getting sick I was good to hiim and my mother. I am the only child who gave up many things too see about them. I need you too reach the Lord and ask him to take this away. I know he with God, he was saved and God was ready for him, cause this man had so many miracles, it scared me. please pray pray pray, and I hope too visit your church soon. I need something done about my job, I am a correctional officer and I do not want too be at that job anymore. They do not appreciate honest, loyal, christain help and that job stressing me out. I had to take my leave without pay and those folks would not let other officers donate my their own time. The following year they allowed me too get a little donated leave and my paper work was filled out every since last year in October. I got a little check in February, still out and did not recieve anymore checks since then. Theresa Miller P.O. Box 185 Stillmore, Georgia 30464

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