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Prayer Request: Brother Raheem Prayer Request: Brother Raheem

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Brother Raheem (Apr 25, 2012)

Prayer Request:

Pray for Brother Raheem's strength in the passing of his Aunt

   Discussion: Brother Raheem
Seth (anon) · 6 years, 3 months ago
I'm in the US Army, stationed in Korea. My roommate's about to move out, and the Chaplain's assistant wants to move in. Please pray that God will open the door, and that the permission will be granted for him to move in. I'd really like to have a Christian roommate. Also, pray that God will open the door and pave the way for me to move to the right duty station and the right unit next, after I leave Korea. Pray that I'll be in a place that has a strong Christian community, and strong fellowship, where I can grow in the Lord. Pray that God will place me in the right place, on the path towards my calling and destiny. Pray that everywhere I send these prayers, God will draw powerful prayer warriors to pray fervently, with wisdom. Thanks for your prayers.

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